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Quiz: Do You Have An Expensive Taste?


The quiz will tell you whether you prefer quality over price or vice versa. If you are shopoholic then you have to try this quiz. This quiz will let you know that do you a the expensive taste or not, Some people focus on quality they do not care about money and they purchased the expensive thing, So we have to find out they have the expensive tase or not. So focus on quality and money both So weather they have expensive taste or not we have to find out via playing this quiz.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Quality of the dress
I prefer to dress according to fashion
I believe there are some trends that remain constant and that is the real fashion
I believe that fashion fads come and go and I dress up a mix of the same.
That's too expensive for me, I cannot afford
I will buy as soon as my first salary arrives
I am buying it now this will suit me
No, I think budget plays a priority
Yes, I can't agree with bad choice
Somehow I will suggest my friend rest upto him/her
I prefer buying shoes from local vendor
From nearby departmental store
From the shopping malls that offer range of branded products
From their exclusive retail outlet
Bags that come from Designer label
Mid range designer handbag
Messenger Bag
Lavish Home with park
Any place with a roof is sufficent
Yes, I believe organic is best t go
No, I prefer to keep things simple
Designer Dress from High end fashion designer
Mid range dress that looks best
Why buy a dress, I purchased last time, remember
Yes, I am an ardent believer of this fact
No, I prefer designer labels
Somewhat but not always
I immediately buy it
I think but then I need it to keep my wardrobe upto date
Yes, I think we should remain well within our budget
I will save it for future times to come.
I will do mix of both shopping and saving
I will shop till I drop.
Designer Handbag
Vibrating head massager and mid-range handbag
I will buy miracle berry tablet and save rest of it
I wish to buy an expensive dress for the event.
Let me ask my friend she has designer dress. May be she can help me
Let me sit at home I don't have appropriate clothes

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Quiz: Do You Have An Expensive Taste? : Test Trivia

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