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Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

These quiz is about Spider-Man 2 movie

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Who was the villain in Spider-Man 2?

Harry Osborn
Jhon Jameson
Dr. Otto Octavius
Ben Parker

Is Spider-Man 2 better than The Dark knight?


Who is the director of Spider-Man 2?

Sam Raimi
Alvin Sargent
Miles Millar
Michael Chabon

Can we watch Spider-Man 2 on prime video?


How long Spider-Man 2?

60 minutes
100 minutes
120 minutes
127 minutes

Is Thomas Jane in Spider-Man 2?


What speed can Spider-Man reach?

100 miles per hour
200 miles per hour
500 miles per hour
750 miles per hour

What is the Peter Parker's favourite hobby?

Website design
Flower Arranging
Collecting stamps

What were the names of peter Parker's parents?

Homar and Marge
Richard and Mary
Peter and Lois
Han and Leia

Where does Spider-Man shoot his webs from?

His Wrists
His Head
His feet
His Eyes

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Spider-Man 2 : Test Trivia

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