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Can we guess your favorite YA novel?


This quiz will tell you about your favorite novel or the kind of novels that you want to read.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Mystery and Thrilling
Fictional Novels that take you to another world
The Hate you give
Truly Devious Mystery
Three Cups of Tea
The Hunger Games
The preachers
Characters that destroy themselves
Characters with self- pity
Yes, I prefer to complete it
Sleep is more important
Starr Carter from the Hate you give
Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games
Stevie Bell of Truly Devious
Muhammad Yunus from Banker to Poor
Family Life and relationship
Fictional stories that reminds you of your era
Mystery surrounding us
I select award winning books
I read mysterious books whose cover interest me the most
I believe in imaginative characters and hence select books accordingly
My friends, guide me
I am too emotional to handle
I am indifferent to the worldly characters and is mysterious in my own way
Reading about the witchcraft and practicing it at home
Spend weekend with friends
Want a leisure time
Will be reading about fictional heroines and heartbreaking twists
Yes, I wish to explore
No, I don't I am a family person and war scare me
Yes I want to delve in deep details of war mystery
No, the war word scare me
No, I am more into mystery
No, I like sprituality

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Can we guess your favorite YA novel? : Test Trivia

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