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Jerry Maguire movie quiz

Jerry Maguire movie quiz

Sports agent Jerry Maguire tries to get back on his feet after being fired from his job. However, the only client he has is Rod Tidwell, a disgruntled football player who wants a better contract.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Who is the director of the movie?

Tom Shadyac
Cameron Crowe
Joe Pytka

What is the job of Jerry Maguire ?

under cover agent working for government
agent working for government
sports agent working for Sports Management International

Which genre the movie belong to?


Who played Jerry Maguire role in the movie ?

Tom Cruise
Cuba Gooding Jr
Jerry O'Connell

Who played Dorothy Boyd role in the movie ?

Kelly Preston
Renée Zellweger
Bonnie Hunt

what is the release date of the movie?

11 December
12 December
13 December

What is the box office collection of the movie ?

$273.4 million[
$273.5 million[
$273.6 million[

What is the budget of the movie ?

$50 million

Does Ray accepts Jerry's sports proposal ?


Jerry's marry Dorothy in the movie ?


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Jerry Maguire movie quiz : Test Trivia

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