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Don\'t Be a Menace movie quiz

Don\'t Be a Menace movie quiz

Ashtray, a young black man, is sent to live in the ghetto with his father where he learns about the realities of life on the streets

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which genre the movie belong to?


Where dose Ashtray's sent to live ?

inner city to live with his father
inner city to live with his mother
inner city to live with his grand father

Who is the director of the movie?

Wes Craven
Tom Shadyac
Paris Barclay

who played Ashtray role in the movie ?

Chris Spencer
Marlon Wayans
Shawn Wayans

Who played Loc Dog role in the movie ?

Marlon Wayans
Chris Spencer
Shawn Wayans

What is the box office collection of the movie ?


What is the budget of the movie ?

$3.7 million
$3.8 million
$3.9 million

what is the release date of the movie?

12 January
13 January

Does Ashtray's get shot from Toothpick ?


In the end does Ashtray and Dashiki gets marred


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Don\'t Be a Menace movie quiz : Test Trivia

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