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Twister movie quiz

Twister movie quiz

Ben, a storm chaser, and Jo, a meteorologist, have to put their impending divorce on hold to battle a series of violent tornadoes that are destroying Oklahoma.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Who is the director of the movie?

Danny DeVito
Jan de Bont
Wes Craven

What is the name of the team that Joanne is leading ?

ragtag stormers
Storm chasers
Ragtag storm chasers

Which genre the movie belong to?


Who played Bill role in the movie ?

Cary Elwes
Bill Paxton
Todd Field

what is the release date of the movie?

8 May
9 May
10 May

What is the box office collection of the movie ?

$495.5 million
$495.6 million
$495.7 million

What is the budget of the movie ?

$88–92 million
$92 million
$88 million

who played Joanne role in the movie ?

Jami Gertz
Helen Hunt
Rusty Schwimmer

Does Joanne and Bill survive the last storm?


Does Joanne and Bill end their relationship in the end of the movie ?


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Twister movie quiz : Test Trivia

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