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Quiz: How Much Have You Changed?

Self-reflection time! Time to look back on your past self, be it a year ago, 5 or 10 years, and see how much you've changed since then!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

I don't know, that's why I'm taking this quiz
Not really
Yep, I feel like a new person
Yes I do, we are best friends for life!
I hangout with new people but I'm still very close with my old friends
No, never hangout with my old friends anymore
No, our closeness remains the same
Yeah, something has shifted in our family dynamic
My relationship with my family have completely changed
Yes, I am
Yes and since then we have gotten more serious
Nope I'm not dating the same person
Not at all
A little
A lot!
I work out more now
I work out less now
My workout routine is pretty much the same
I have the same workout routine but I've been trying to get into some new things
I like and eat new kinds of food now
I have some new favorite dishes but my eating habit remains the same
Nope, it's still the same
I'm so much healthier now!
My health has really worsen
I feel the same way regarding my health
I feel a little different about my health
I still live at the same place with the same people
I have either a new place or new roommates
New place AND new roommates
Yes, exactly the same
I have the same hobbies as I did but I'm also interested in some new things
I have completely different hobbies now
I like some new things, but my favorites still remain
Yes, I'm loyal to my faves
I have new favorites now that I've forgotten what I used to like
I pretty much save the same amount each month
I save a lot more now
I save a lot less now :(
It has changed a little
I still have and wear the same outfit
I'm interested in some different styles but overall I have same style
I have a completely new fashion style now
I try on a new style sometimes but I would end up going back to my old style

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Quiz: How Much Have You Changed? : Test Trivia

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