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How Much Do You Know About Enzymes? Quiz

Enzymes speed up (catalyze) chemical reactions; in some cases, enzymes can make a chemical reaction millions of times faster than it would have been without it. A substrate binds to the active site of an enzyme and is converted into products.Good Luck

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Both a and b
arrow and shield model
deduction model
induction model
release of energy
absorption of energy
release of water
solute structure of enzymes
globular structure of enzymes
nucleated structure of atoms
solvent energy
activation energy
enzymatic energy
oxygen based acids
carbon based acids
solute temperature
optimum temperature
natural temperature
non-synthetic groups
aesthetic groups
prosthetic groups
level of carbon dioxide
level of carbon dioxide
their working site

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How Much Do You Know About Enzymes? Quiz : Test Trivia

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