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Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly

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When violet was about to leave early, why did Lil say she couldn't leave

Place was abandoned
Place was busy
Place was messy
Place was shabby

Violet leaves South Amboy, NJ to become a famous song writer in NYC. How many miles is it from South Amboy to NYC

33 miles
32 miles
42 miles
24 miles

Where was violet working at the beginning of the film

Petrol pump
Makeup studio
Pizza parlour

When Violet met Lil, what did Lil say she looked like

A Kindergarten teacher
A lawyer
A doctor
A Nurse

What does violet wants to become

Song writer
Story writer
Comic writer

What does LMS stand for

Lynn Mass Standard
Loss Man Standing
Lynn Marie Sanford
lost Man Story

What song did Violet and her friends sing at her leaving party

I will dance
I will survive
I need love
Miss me alot

Violet moves to which place?

New York
New Jersey
South Africa

What does Kevin say to Violet after he First Kissed her

You are beautiful
I love you
Have a nice day
Keep smiling

What is Violet's best friends name?


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Coyote Ugly : Test Trivia

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