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The Gong Show Quiz

The Gong Show Quiz

The Gong Show is an American amateur talent contest. So lets begin the quiz.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Who produced The Gong Show?

Chuk Barris
Bob Baker
Dick Martin

Who was the first host of The Gong Show?

Chuck Barris
Gray Owens
John Barbour

Which of the following was not one of the program's regular judge?

Arte Johnson
Richard Dawson
Rip Taylor

For how many seconds the panelists have to wait for the gong in The Gong Show?


The contestant who won the highest amount of prize money in The Gong Show was:


Currently who is the host of The Gong Show?

Chuck Barris
Tommy Maitland
John Barbour

Which of the following is not one of the show's regular performer in The Gong Show?

Have you got a Nickel!
The Unknown Comic
Scarlett and Rhett

Why was Jaye P. Morgan dropped from The Gong Show?

she gonged too many contestants
she would regularly show up drunk for the show
she exposed her breasts during a female contestant's performance

When Barris announced the final score, who was the famous dwarf there?

Munchkin Jerry Warren
Munchkin Gerard Marenghi
Oompa-Loompa George Claydon

Who was the blonde hostess for The Gong Show?

Vendela Kirsebom
Emma Wiklund
Siv Aberg

Which of the following celebrities NEVER appeared in an act on The Gong Show?

Teri Garr
Tony Waggoner
Box Car Wille

Who is the current franchise of the The Gong Show?


Who directed The Gong Show?

John Dorsey
Bob Baker
Dick Martin

At the begining what was the gong timer The Gong Show?

30 sec
20 sec
45 sec

How the judges were giving scroes in The Gong Show?

In between 1-10
In between 1-20
In between 1-5

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The Gong Show Quiz : Test Trivia

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