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Chromosomes And Recombination Quiz

Most recombination is naturally occurring. During meiosis in eukaryotes, genetic recombination involves the pairing of homologous chromosomes. This may be followed by information transfer between the chromosomes. ... In meiosis and mitosis, recombination occurs between similar molecules of DNA . In the nucleus of each cell, the DNA molecule is packaged into thread-like structures called chromosomes

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Quiz Questions And Answers

extra copies of a gene adjacent to each other on a chromosome
an individual with complete extra sets of chromosomes
a chromosome which has replicated but not divided
has alleles that are recessive to each other
has alleles tightly linked on the same chromosome
has both alleles independently expressed in the heterozygote
normally takes place in males but not females
occurs in fruit flies but not in mammals
results in genetically turning off one of the two X chromosomes in female mammals
an enzyme that joins fragments in normal DNA replication
an enzyme of bacterial origin which cuts DNA at defined base sequences
an enzyme that facilitates transcription of specific genes
a bacterial chromosome with a human gene inserted
a bacterial chromosome with a phage inserted
a bacterial chromosome with the F factor inserted
takes place in a “conservative” manner
takes place in a “dispersive” manner
takes place in a “semi-conservative” manner
loss of genes in part of a chromosome
a reversal of order of genes on a chromosome
an extra copy of the genes on part of a chromosome
the sequence of the enhancers for developmental genes is known
cell components in the membrane involved in signaling have been isolated
the cells giving rise to and derived from a specific cell are known
c.components of ribosomes
involved in the control of translation
types of DNA-binding proteins
bind to ribosomes to activate the production of specific proteins
bind regions near a eukaryotic gene and allow an RNA polymerase to transcribe a gene
transcribe a messenger off a DNA template
is present in only one form in an individual
results in development of a tumor
substitutes one body part for another in development

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