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Quiz: What is Your Soccer Position? Quiz

Not a soccer player but secretly want to become one? Take this quiz to find out your soccer position suits you - if you ever want to play soccer!. The sport has its own craze. Millions of people are just in love with this game. Some of you want to be a maradona, anyone else wanna be like messi or someone else wants to be like the legendary ronaldo. But do you know their position well? Obviously you know well. But in this entertaining quiz we will try to predict that, in the field what's the actual position you deserve and where you will play the best and So lets play the quiz..

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Quiz Questions And Answers

I'm okay at it but I don't have a good aim
Heck yeah I can
Nope, I'm better at throwing
Goal keeper
I never score
I score all the goals
I score 1 if I'm lucky
I would score a couple of goals at most
Not really
Yeah man I play PES all the time!
Of courseeee!!!
A lot of the time
I throw more
Yep, even in real life
No someone else does the tackling for me
Yeah with my arms
Yeah I catch the balls all time!
I'm way better at scoring goals
Yeah sure why not
Around 3?
10!! I have such a good aim!
I live and breathe soccer, it is what keeps me aliveeee
It's a great sport to improve strength, speed and agility
I like to watch a game sometimes
It's fun to watch and play
The striker
Goal keeper
Anywhere really, I'm versatile
A name of a Japanese pilot
I don't know
It's the coolest TV show about soccer!
Umm yeah..
Those card things are warning signs right?
I know it more than I know my national anthem
I was bored
I take all soccer related quizzes
Because I legit want to know what I got
A match is the only time I practice
Nope I hardly practice
All day every day!

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Quiz: What is Your Soccer Position? Quiz : Test Trivia

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