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Twin Peaks Quiz

A crime drama mixed with healthy doses of the surreal, this series is about FBI Agent Dale Cooper, who travels to the small logging town of Twin Peaks to solve the murder

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Lara Flynn Boyle
Mädchen Amick
Peggy Lipton
The Double R Diner
The Triple R Diner
The Double T Diner
Leland Palmer
Hank Jennings
Blackie O’Reilly
Andrew Packard
Leland Palmer
Hank Jennings
A necklace
A drawer knob
The Log Lady’s log
Amanda Palmer
Maddy Palmer
Maddy Ferguson
Dr. Jacobs
Dr. Jacoby
Dr. Filman
Lara Flynn Boyle
Phoebe Cates
Moira Kelly
Margaret Lanterman
Catherine Martin
Rachel Klipsak
Johnny Horne
Pete Martell
Windom Earle

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Twin Peaks Quiz : Test Trivia

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