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Ben 10 Quiz

A 10-year-old Ben Tennyson discovers a mysterious device, he gains the power to change into 10 different alien heroes, each with uniquely awesome powers. Ten-year-old Ben Tennyson discovers a mysterious device named the Omnitrix on a family vacation. The device allows him to transform into 10 different alien forms replete with unique superpowers.
What is the meaning of ben 10? The name comes from a cartoon series where a young boy, Ben Tennyson fights evil monsters. Tennyson, who is/was a 10 year-old boy, has a special watch that loads 10 monsters that he changes into when fighting. ... So in the cartoon, Ben 10 has always been this 'youngin' that has always been a cute 10 year-old

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Ben 10 Quiz : Test Trivia

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