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Are you a Ricer or Tuner? Quiz

Are you a Ricer or Tuner? Quiz Take this quiz to find out if you are #TeamRicer or #TeamTuner!

Are you a "Ricer" or "Tuner" ? Think you're really a "TUNER" you may be surprised

What is the difference between a Ricer and a Tuner? Well, you ask people who don't really like Japanese cars, they will say anything other than a Mustang, Camaro or Challenger and/or an American sports car, is rice. ... A Tuner, is purposely built, from the FACTORY, to be performance oriented.

What is a ricer vs tuner? Ricer vs Tuner, The Real Differences. This is a debate that has been going on ever since people started to modify their cars. ... Urban Dictionary defines the term ricer as a person who makes unecessary modifications to their most often import car (hence the term "rice") to make it (mostly make it look) faster

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Ignore it
Rev back at that person because you know your car can beat it
Don't rev back because your car really only looks fast
It's whatever came with the car when I bought it
Is probably worth more than my car
I don't need fancy stereo when I listen to my engine all day
Sell the old car and get a better one
Get upgrades to make my car's performance better
Buy a body kit and a big spoiler
Its performance - I got a need for speed
How it looks - like big spoilers and shiny rims
The fact that it can function well as a car and can help me commute to places
The bigger and shinier the better
Lightweight ones
I'm okay with the current ones I have
Yikes, ricerrrrrrrrr!
Everyone has their own taste, I guess
I wonder where he got some of those?
I don't care as long as it functions well
The ones that can give me more power
The louder the betterrr!!!
A lot?
Yep, weight is really important about my car
No but I would like to know
One that can give me a much better performance
One that sounds like big fart
I don't really modify my car
I have no idea what that is
Yeah but only because they were jealous of how awesome my ride looks
I'm the one who calls people ricers
I drive within the speed limit, unless there's a major emergency then I probably would speed up more
When I'm racing of course
Whenever possible, my car sounds awesome
Like a normal car
Like a massive fart machine
Like a smooth race car
It's a car system, right?
I have no idea what that is
It's a system that increases car performance at high RPM and a lower fuel consumption at lower RPM, also known as VTEC.
No way that has ricer written all over it
Yeah maaan this ride is awesome
No I just have a normal car
Yeah okay I'm a ricer
Neither, I couldn't care less about car modifications
I like to modify my car, performance and style wise
I'm a tuner all the wayyyy

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Are you a Ricer or Tuner? Quiz : Test Trivia

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