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Jurassic World###

Jurassic World###

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What island is "Jurassic World" on?

Isla Tacano
Isla Nublar
Isla Sorna
Isla Muerta

What vehicle is used to enter the park via the large gates?

None. They walked
Hover drones

The main protagonist in "Jurassic World" is Owen Grady who specializes in training velociraptors. During one session, he is forced to confront them head-on in the pen. Why?

The raptors are trying to escape
To feed them because the crane is broken
One of the workers falls in
To play with them

Owen's supervisor is a military man named Vic Hoskins. What does he want to do with the velociraptors?

Weaponize them
Use them in circuses
Train them to do labor
Domesticate them for pets

What blood relatives do Zach and Gray hope to spend time with?


The newest attraction to Jurassic World is the Indominus Rex. Despite the tight security, she is still able to escape from her pen. How?

Bash the door open
Climb the wall
Dig under the doors
Claw the walls and hide her presence in the pen

After the Indominus Rex escapes, Claire orders the northern part of the island to be evacuated. What are they riding in when the order was given?

Jeep Wrangler
Ford Explorer

Which of the following characters are able to make it off the island alive?

Simon Masrani
Vic Hoskins
Henry Wu

To try and subdue the Indominus, Claire releases the T-Rex to fight it. People considered it impossible for Claire to outrun the T-Rex because she is wearing what?

Wedding Gown
Push-Up Bra
Cocktail Dress

Which animal ultimately kills the Indominus Rex?

Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Jurassic World### : Test Trivia

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