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Diary of a Wimpy Kid ##

Diary of a Wimpy Kid ##

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Quiz Questions And Answers

At the very beginning of the movie, the main character, Greg Heffley, had a prank played on him by his older brother. What did Rodrick do to Greg?

Put chewed up bubblegum in all of his shoes
Convinced him he was very late for his first day of school
Filled his shampoo bottle with melted wax
Cut the arms off all of his sweaters and jackets

What activity did Greg first sign up for, in an attempt to become popular in middle school?

Dance committee
Dance committee
Peer counselling

What was the name of Rodrick's band?

Strange Pockets
Loded Diper
The Gremlins
Big Blue Banshee

What did Greg's father do on Halloween?

Played a prank and made his wife believe he cut his thumb off
Guarded the house against TP'ers
Stole candy from the neighborhood kids
Drove Greg and his friends from house-to-house so they would stay safe

What task did Greg and Rowley, as Safety Patrol Officers, have to do?

Make sure the pencils in the art room weren't too sharp
Pick up garbage in the schoolyard
Referee school basketball games
Walk the kindergarten students home

When Rowley broke his arm and had to wear cast, he became more popular at school, while Greg became less popular. How did Rowley break his arm?

He was involved in a Big Wheel accident.
He fell while skating.
His bunk bed broke and his arm was crushed.
He hit a tree while skiing.

During a sleepover at Fregley's house, where did Greg sleep for awhile?

In the bathtub
In the dog's bed
On the kitchen floor
Under Fregley's bed

At the audition for the school play, which (totally irrelevant) song did the director make the kids sing for their singing audition?

Man, I Feel Like a Woman
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Like a Virgin
I Think We're Alone Now

In what part did Greg act in the school play, "The Wizard of Oz"?

He was Toto.
He was a tree.
He was the Cowardly Lion.
He was a flying monkey.

What nice thing did Greg do for Rowley at the end of the movie, allowing them to become friends again?

Greg let Rowley win at video games.
Greg told everyone that he was the one who ate the gross cheese.
Greg let Rowley throw the ball while he rode the Big Wheel.
Greg gave Rowley all his clothes back.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid ## : Test Trivia

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