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Which "American Idol" Judge Are You? Quiz

In anticipation of the new season of American Idol, we had the legendary judges take a quiz to find out which Idol judge they REALLY are.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Under 18
Laugh because you just can't help it
Say "I'm sorry but I don't think this is the show for you."
Vote no, but compliment something that you liked about him/her
Tell the performer not to quit his/her day job
Make great music regardless of the star status
Produce the stars
Be a star
To make people's dreams come true
To insult people on national television
I would never be an "American Idol" judge
To have fun
Making dreams come true.
Separating the talented from the talentless.
Having fun
Nervous, but hopeful.
Irritated, cuz I don't think any of them will win.
Calm, cool and collected.
That was alright
Not bad
You brought tears to my eyes

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Which "American Idol" Judge Are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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