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Raya and the Last Dragon

Lets Try this Quiz and Answer Which dragon power would you want to have?

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Dragon Watchers
Protectors of the Realm
Guardians of the Dragon Orb
Most Serene Counselors
A shield around the island to protect the humans.
The dragons were unable to leave a final gift.
They divided the land into separate territories to confuse the enemy.
An orb with their power to drive back the Druun.
A quest begins to find the last dragon.
The tribes reconcile and agree to work together.
The dragon orb is broken.
There is civil war.
Provide a gift to exchange for the piece
Diplomatic negotiation
Present a rational case for why the whole orb is needed
Gather an army to overwhelm the opposition
It is surrounded by water.
Fang has dragon magic protecting it.
They have the other orb.
A powerful army defends Fang
Trust and teamwork
Follow your instincts
Believe in magic
Believe in yourself

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Raya and the Last Dragon : Test Trivia

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