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Could You Be A Med School Student? Quiz

Becoming a doctor is not an easy path. It took years to learn everything about medicine. So if you want to know if it is your direction to become a Doctor, just take this quiz to help you decide.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Under 18
Mercy or not, it is murderous.
I think it's very applicable especially to those who doesn't want to suffer anymore.
Nah... It's super against the law of God.
Euthanasia... very very sad favor to ask.
I think everybody doesn't like needles because it's the common tool for vodoo hodooo.
Sometimes because I have this freaking imagination about what if it pricks my eyes?.
It's not a scary thing... It's part of the household materials.
I have this phobia and it freaks me out whenever I see metallic sharp object.
It will never be normal really.
It will only happen by genetic engineering but please scientists, make them shorter as little poodles.
Dinosaur what? For sure I'll become a nice lunch for them.
Never will that to happen... Jurassic park freaks!
Just a little yell.
No way! Adult should not do that.
I am expressive. Therefore, screaming is okay.
A little... like a mouse's squeak but inside I'll be bursting.
No because I always have this perception that it is just a supplement but eating the right food is the right way.
Yeah and food supplement too.
I don't take vitamins for the record.
Sometimes but I eat nicely if I have time.
Of course. I don't want to die...
Excessive dosage will make as addicted and hyper...
No! I don't care how much I take because I care about if I am cured or not...
I am drug addicted... I can make a bottle of aspiring like peanut gnaws...
An apple day keeps your doctor a way.
Eat the right food with exercises.
See a herbalist. It's not a doctor by the record.
Be a mountain hermit... you can avoid doctor, city and every breathing walking people on earth.
I think a stethoscope like we always see on pictures and movies.
Injections and so with scary nurses... An operation will never be successful without the annoying nurses.
Medical kit, medicines and other supplies that can be use as primary aid.
He should bring the hospital.
Electronic Kalvin graph
Electronic potassium graph
Parkinson’s disease
Cystic fibrosis
Sickle cell anemia
What's that?

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Could You Be A Med School Student? Quiz : Test Trivia

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