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Do you love Cinderella?

Do you love Cinderella?

Lets check how much you know about Cinderella?

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You May Get Result Of Do you love Cinderella?

You have no knowledge about CINDERELLA Movie.
You have little knowledge about movies.
You're Great.
You're a movie lover.

Quiz Questions And Answers

What did Cinderella's hair look like when she woke up?

It was down.
It was in a bun.
It was in a pony tail.
It was in braids/pigtails.

What did Cinderella call the new mouse?


What did Cinderella supposedly put under one of her step sister's cups?

a snake
a worm
a mouse
chicken food

When Cinderella went upstairs with everyone's breakfast, what did she come back downstairs with?

dirty dishes
old clothes
broken dishes

How did the mice decide who was going to distract the cat so that they could get breakfast?

They played Bubble Gum BubbleGum in a Dish.
They drew straws.
They all put their tails together and one of them drew one
They played a game and if you lost you were the one to go.

Why did Gus get caught by the cat?

He was too slow.
He accidentally tripped and fell.
He didn't see him.
He had too many pieces of food.

Did Cinderella slip on different shoes before she fed the chickens?


What was the dog's name?


Where was the key hidden that unlocked the door to the room that Cinderella was locked in?

In her step mother's room
In her step mother's pocket
In one of her step sister's rooms
In her step mother's hand

What was the cat's name?

Opal Cat
Si and Am

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Do you love Cinderella? : Test Trivia

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