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Am I Charismatic? Quiz

Someone who inspires others to follow them in whatever they do or say is said to be charismatic. These types of people are very attractive and have a large group of friends who find motivation from them. Do you think you fall under the class of charismatic people? Don’t just assume, take up this

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Under 18
In certain situations only.
Feel compelled to help motivate and encourage them, even if their work does not affect me.
Will probably offer words of encouragement, then tell them to let me know if they need anything.
Will sympathize but not get too involved. I have other priorities and it’s not my responsibility.
Mostly exciting.
A little stressful, but I know I could make it work.
Very stressful.
Get pretty frustrated.
Don’t usually mind explaining it again.
See this as an opportunity to teach it more clearly the second time.
Start the dance party myself!
Encourage my friends to join me in a group on the dance floor.
Wait until a few people populate the dance floor, then join them.
Stay away, I’m not a big fan of dancing.
Might (if needed)
Probably Won’t
Yes, and I usually can’t help but try to comfort them.
Usually, although sometimes I let others step in.
Maybe, but I try not to get too involved unless they ask for help.
All the time. When I’m talking to people, when I’m passing strangers on the street… I love to smile.
When I’m talking to people (especially friends and co-workers) or if something is funny.
Only when something is particularly amusing.
Not very often.
I'm not the best but I have fun.

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