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Am I Toxic Quiz? | Do I Have Toxic Behavior? Test

A toxic person is someone who's behavior makes people feel bad about themselves. Are you one of those people? Let's find out! This Am I Toxic Quiz helps you to find you have toxic behavior or not. So every questions in this quiz is related to toxic or around the toxic behavior. The definition of toxic is something poisonous

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Honestly, I am.
I feel like I am better than my friends
No but I wish I was
No and that's okay as long I become the best version of myself
Yes because it makes everyone laugh
Yes because I secretly like it when other people feel bad
No but I can be sarcastic sometimes
No, sarcasm can be really mean
Yes, I like making people smile
I am friendly most of the time
I'm 50% friendly and 50% snarky
I don't want to waste my energy being friends with everyone
Put down your friend and mock them in front of everyone - that's what you get for being stupid
I would laugh because I thought it was a joke - turns out they were serious
Secretly judge them for having a stupid opinion
Nothing, you're allowed to have different opinions
Yes, I wouldn't make them if I knew I couldn't keep it
Yes, 90% of the time
I am not the most reliable person out there
Not really, but I would pretend to forget that I made a promise so I'm off the hook
Yes, but I always think there's people with better ideas than mine
Yes, I have thought it through so of course it's right
Yes, always
It is 90% of my conversations
I like to listen to them and give insights
I try not to
I hardly gossip
I've had people tell me that
I have a feeling people think that way of me
I am not good at manipulating people
People think of me as dependable
I try to be optimist
I'm realistic
I'm a pessimist
If I am angry everyone needs to know it
Sometimes when I've had a bad day
I am really good at controlling my emotions
I would be moody for the rest of day
Yes! Everyone's secrets are safe with me.
Anything you say to me I will most definitely tell my best friend
Most of the times I can
Secrets are like the hottest conversation topic, why would I keep it to myself?
Give them the silent treatment
Be passive-aggressive to show that you are upset
Tell them that you are upset and why
Don't do anything but will secretly hate that person
Praising others is a sign of weakness
I will if everyone else is doing it
I will praise them but will secretly be jealous
Of course! I am so proud of their accomplishment!
Listen intently and give feedback or support once they have finished telling their story
Listen to the whole story but honestly my mind would wonder off somewhere else
Listen and interrupt to ask questions about their story
Listen but then remember that you have a similar experience to your friend so you start telling them about your story
My opinion is the right one so why should I appreciate the wrong ones?
I'll hear them out but I'm not going to change my point of view
Of course I can, other people's ideas are just as valid as mine
Yes, and I am willing to think about what they have said and maybe even change my own point of view

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Am I Toxic Quiz? | Do I Have Toxic Behavior? Test : Test Trivia

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