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Quiz: How Much of a Trouble Maker are You?

Quiz: How Much of a Trouble Maker are You?

We know it's wrong, but sometimes we can't resist the pull of causing trouble. Why is it so fun, who knows! Take this quiz to see how much of a trouble maker you are!
We have been taught since childhood to avoid troubles and lead a disciplined and mannered lives. As we proceed in our working lives, we are tend to do the same. But there are some, who cannot seem to avoid getting into the troubles. There are many different traits to find out about the trouble making individuals. Some of them prefer to remain in peace unless it really requires to stand up and disagree with the rules and make a troublesome behavior in schools or offices. Sometimes, the trouble makers speak what everyone else is thinking but too afraid to come out and act upon it. They feel responsible of every bad thing happen around them if they don’t speak up. There are some people who really don’t want to stir up troubles but they create the scenario unwillingly that trouble can’t stay away from them. However there are some others, who love to create a trouble and cannot see the situation stagnant and so calm. They have some behavior issues and have no control on that. They may have no bad intention by doing so. The trouble makers are sometimes beneficial to the society as it is not expected from them to abide by the rules. They have capability to challenge the old norms in which they can’t fit in. Now if you really eager to find out whether you are trouble maker or not. Answer the scenarios in the quiz to explore your trouble making behavior.

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You May Get Result Of Quiz: How Much of a Trouble Maker are You?

You hate chaos and people suffering. You like to help old ladies cross the street and you volunteer at the homeless shelter, purely because you want to. You are the furthest thing to trouble, congrats
You've always been a good person but life right now is pretty boring. You need something to spice it up, and you are thinking of getting into a little trouble just to feel alive again.
You like getting into some trouble, but you're usually the one who does most of the muscle work to someone else's plan. It's still counts as an accessory to trouble, though - so you get some credit.
You are good at causing trouble and you know it. In fact you enjoy it. Keep this up and you can expect to get nothing but coal for your future Christmases.

Quiz Questions And Answers

You see a child trip and fall, what do you do?

Run to the child to help and cheer them up
Try not to laugh
Laugh out loud
Run - you were the one who tripped the child

Did you get detentions at school?

Detention was my second home <3
Never ever
Nope, but I guess it would've been interesting to go once
3-4 times a week

When was the last time you helped someone?

I gave money to a homeless person last month
I helped my friend just before taking this quiz
I helped someone carry their groceries, and then ran away with the groceries
I helped my friend answering exam questions last week

Do you like pranking people?

It is my purpose in life
When the opportunity comes, I love to do some pranking
No but I like to watch prank videos on YouTube
Of course not, that's so mean!

You broke your parents' vase, what do you do?

Hide the evidence and hope they never find out
Apologize and volunteer to glue it all together
Blame the house pet
Break more things in the house and say that the house was robbed

Your sibling ran into you and spilled chocolate milk all over your favorite t-shirt, what do you do?

Make them hand wash your t-shirt until all the stain comes off
Pour orange juice on your sibling and turn it into a food fight
Tell them it's not a big deal, I was going to donate the t-shirt anyway
Storm in to your siblings wardrobe and pour milk all over their clothes

Do you have anger issues?

I would get irritated after a bad day
Not really, being angry upsets my stomach so I learned to control it
Yes because people are stupid and they irritate me

What do you do when you're bored?

Read a book or play video games
Go for a run
Go shopping

You're at a mall and the person walking in front of you dropped their wallet. What do you do?

Take the wallet and spend the money
Take the money and put the wallet in someone else's bag
Return the wallet but only after contemplating what to do with it
Return the wallet immediately

Have you ever shoplifted?

Yes, I'm really good at not getting caught
I would never!
Twice, both times because someone dared me to do it
No but I admire those who do it and not get caught

What do you do to let off steam?

Vent out in my journal
Go to the gym
Pick a fight with someone

Do you believe the existence of heaven and hell?

Heaven and hell are propaganda made by the rulers of nations a long time ago to make their citizens follow rules
Not really
Yes but I don't know where I'll end up in
Yes I do and our actions in life determine where we'll end up in

How was your childhood?

It was okay but I wish my parents paid more attention to me
Meh, boring. I feel like nothing exciting really happened
It was wonderful, filled with love and happiness
Tragic is an understatement when it comes to my childhood

Do you believe you're a good person?

Yes, deep down there's good in all of us
I'm pretty sure I qualify as a good person
Nope, sometimes, depends on the day I guess
I am good at being bad

What is the worst thing you have ever done?

I once set fire in the chemistry lab at school - it was an accident! I put it off as soon as possible!
I shoplift a couple of times
I accidentally stepped on my cat's paw one time
I started a riot once

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Quiz: How Much of a Trouble Maker are You? : Test Trivia

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