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Quiz on Kingdom Fungi

Quiz on Kingdom Fungi

Fungi is the plural word for "fungus". A fungus is a eukaryotic organism. Yeasts, moulds and mushrooms are examples of fungi. The study of fungi is called mycology. Like animals, humans and most bacteria, all fungi are heterotrophs.
Fungi is a eukaryotic organism that includes microorganisms such as yeasts, moulds, and mushrooms. These organisms are classified under kingdom fungi. The organisms found in Kingdom fungi contain a cell wall and are omnipresent. They are classified as heterotrophs among the living organisms.
Which kingdom is closely related to kingdom fungi? Kingdom fungi are closely related to the animal kingdom. This has been determined by phylogenetic studies. The phylogenetic tree explains how animals converged form fungi millions of years ago.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Both (a) and (b)
Slime molds
Dimorphic fungi
Sac fungi
are photosynthetic
secrete extracellular enzymes to breakdown nutrients
are prokaryotic cells
Slime molds
Water molds
Club fungi
Slime molds
Club fungi
Dimorphic fungi
is greater than by the water mold mycelium
is lesser than by the water mold mycelium
is equal to by the water mold mycelium
secure their food from dead organic materials
engulf their food in order to break it down.
secure their food from dead organic materialsboth (a) and (b)
is equal to diploid cell
is lesser than diploid cell
is greater than diploid cell

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Quiz on Kingdom Fungi : Test Trivia

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