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Which Stage is Your Relationship in? Quiz

Are we just hanging out or have I found the one? Confused about where your relationship is going with that special someone? Take this quiz and you'll find out exactly what stage your relationship is in!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

A few months at most
6 months - 1 year
1 - 3 years
Over 3 years
Now that you mention it... I can name a few flaws they have that I hadn't noticed before
My partner is perfect
My partner is perfect with all their imperfections
Well yeah, but nobody is perfect
Not as romantic as it once was but that's okay I guess
My partner shows romance in the little things they do
It's more fighting than romance these days
It's nothing but romance in our relationship - it's the best!
No, my partner and I are meant for each other
No, at the end of the day I just want to go home to my partner
Yes, I can't stand my partner sometimes
No! I just want to be with my partner 24/7
Some space maybe good for us
Sometimes, but the comfortable boring if that makes sense
Not really, we are comfortable with each other and can't imagine our lives being apart
My partner used to be romantic and perfect but now all I see are their faults
My partner is a good person who has a few flaws and baggage and that's okay
I see us growing old together bickering and laughing about stupid things
My partner is super attractive and funny and smart and.. just perfect
On special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries
All the time!
Once a week
When I remember to update because I usually get caught up being together that I forget to take any pictures
Yes, we are on first name basis with each other
Yes, but it is still at that awkward stage
No, we're not that serious yet
Not yet but I would like to
My partner's parents has passed away but I would've loved to meet them
Some talks have occurred but nothing is set in stone yet
We've been looking for a place together and I've already named our unborn children
Not yet, I'm still debating if I want to be with my partner forever
No, we're just enjoying each others' companies at the moment
Weekend trip out of the country
A weekend at a fancy hotel with rose petals and a couples' massage
A whole weekend snuggled in the couch binge watching movies and eating junk food
The fact that I have someone to go to the movies and concerts with
My partner is like my best friend that makes me feel safe
The fact that they're with me no matter what, that we are a team and have each other's backs
My partner is perfect in every way and makes me happy and gives me butterflies in my stomach
I know what my partner ate for lunch today
I know all of my partner's embarrassing secrets
We've talked about each other's past and baggage
I know my partner's favorite food and color
We have never fought!
Once a couple of months
We rarely fight, but when we do we always resolve it as soon as possible
A lot of times these days...
Umm... not really, not sure if I want to talk about that yet with my partner
No, but there's plenty of time to talk about that...
We've talked about it a couple of times
We have more than just talked about it, we're setting the plan in action
I want to confirm any doubts I have
To find out if we are indeed meant for each other
I'm bored at the office
Just curious, I guess

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Which Stage is Your Relationship in? Quiz : Test Trivia

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