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Are you lesbian?! Girls only

Are you lesbian?! Girls only

Everyone’s different in their own special way, weather you write before oks, or play lots of sports, or just hang out with your friends. Let’s find out if you are impinge the 15% of homosexuals.

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You May Get Result Of Are you lesbian?! Girls only

You like your men. Good for you!
Wow! You may be straight, but you want to be bi! Good for you.
You like girls and boys. Noice!!!
You are very lesbian!!! Cool!

Quiz Questions And Answers

You go to a local restaurant by yourself and catch a glimpse of a very very hot girl that you’ve never seen before. What do you do?

Look away immediately. I dont know her.
Blush and stare. She’s reeeeeeeeeaaallllyyy hott.
Go over to her, Ask if I can sit down at the seat, and if she says yes. Order with her and pay the bill.

Your at a slumber party, and you play skeletons in a closet. One of your girl friends there says that she is lesbian. What is your response?

Say “I’m leaving!”
“Congratulations!” And give her a huge hug.”
Think “This is my chance!!!” And when it’s your turn, tell her that you’ve liked her a long time.

Are you comfortable with gay/lesbian relationships?

No. I disapprove of it very much.
I wouldn’t do it myself, but I would never judge and call someone names for that!!! Never!!!
I approve of them, and I think that I could be in one! (Maybe)...
Ummm... what kind of a question is this?! Yes!!!!!
Ummm.... what kind of a question is this?! No!!’

At that same sleepover from earlier you play spin the bottle and it lands on that friend. Do you kiss?

Absolutely not.
Yes, but it’s pretty awkward.
Yes, we kissed, and it was very enjoyable.
Kissed?! We had a full on make out session!!!!

Did you enjoy the quiz?

No, it made me very uncomfortable.
Kind of, yeah...
Yeah! And it was fun to take.
I already knew that I was lesbian, I just took it because I find it very funny.

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Are you lesbian?! Girls only : Test Trivia

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