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What should You Pack For a Trip? Quiz

What kind of luggage is best for you? Not sure if you should just strap on a backpack, or go for more traditional rolling luggage? Or what about a rolling duffel? Or a wheeled backpack? Or just throw the towel in and take a bloody suitcase? I’ve had every possible kind of luggage. So learn from my

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Quiz Questions And Answers

I'm on the road for ever and ever...or at least a while anyway (1 year or more)
Just a quick jaunt (a week or less)
It's gonna be a real vacation (2-4 weeks)
AI'm on the road for ever and ever...or at least a while anyway (1 year or more)
Why would I go anywhere other than somewhere tropical?
Moderate temperatures and climates are my thing.
It's all about the snow, baby!
I'm covering the whole gambit.
Desert safari
Snow climbing
I bench-pressed my body weight just this morning
I'm in good shape, and can keep up with just about anybody
I'm doing okay....for my age. Youngsters tire me out.
I'm in physio. Vacuum cleaner accident. Don't ask.
Packing Style? I just throw everything in and go.
I make best use of space by rolling and stuffing.
Packing Cubes are a lifesaver.
I neatly fold. Everything has its place.
I fly as much as possible. It's fast, efficient, and civilized.
I don't care how long it takes; it's all about the journey. And if the journey means 3 days of buses, I'm in.
Really? Those are my choices?
I love it. It's my home on the road.
It keeps my stuff safe, and takes some hard knocks.
It's very practical, and easy to use.
I put my stuff in it, go to where I'm going, and take my stuff out. What's the big deal?
Yes. I don't leave these things to chance.
Nope. I prefer to find a place to stay after I arrive.
I book the first night, and figure it out from there.
One for every day, plus one extra, just in case. I don't want to do laundry on my vacation.
One for travel days, one for walking, one for the beach, one for a fancy restaurant, and that blue one cuz I like it.
Two. Wash one, wear one.
Once a year
Twice a year
Three times a year
Only me
Family and friends

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What should You Pack For a Trip? Quiz : Test Trivia

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