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Power Academy

Power Academy

Basically a role play quiz! You have the power of flight, lightening, and weather manipulation! , have fun!

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You May Get Result Of Power Academy

You weren’t paying attention to the lesson and when the bad guys came you were scared to death! But you could manage.
You half payed attention in the lesson, you were kinda tired. When the villains busted in you were half ready but as usual you were able to handle it.
You were paying attention during the lesson and tried to make sense of things you didn’t understand. When the villains came you were able to get ahold of the situation before leaving.
You payed attention the lesson and understood every little detail and had no distractions. And when the villains came, you were ready and used you knowledge to protect yourself! Go you!

Quiz Questions And Answers

You arrive at the school. Outside the school is a bunch of people your age talking to each other. What’s the first thing you do? ( you have a map by the way )

Class starts at 7:30!! It’s 7:10! I need to quickly find the class I need to be in.
I go explore for about 15 minutes before class starts.
I go make some friends! I need to know people before school starts.

Class finally starts and no matter what you chose you end up 2 minutes late along with 6 others. Your teacher starts the lesson! What are you doing?

Paying attention of course! What else would I be doing?
I’m ignoring the teacher and looking at the clock! Time passes by so slow..
I take some notes at times but also analyze my surroundings.

During class you hear noises outside. About to tell the teacher about it, 3 people breakthrough the glass windows! What’s your first instinct?

I get my powers ready to use while backing up from the mysterious people.
I instantly get out of my seat and try and make a dash for the door along with 3 others.
I try not to make any sudden movements that would alarm the people.
I’d just sit there scared to death and confused about what just happened.

You see students running away, students getting ready to fight, you end up stuck in the classroom with the teachers and some students. What’s your first move?

The 1st person runs at me trying to slash at me with their weapon but I electrocute them try before they can.
The 2nd person makes a move at me and jumps at me but I dodge/block them before they do any harm to me.
The 3rd person tries to attack me and swings at me but I hit the weapon out of there hand and punch them.
I’d be the one to make the move! ( insert attack here )

Whatever you chose, the other students attack the other 2 people. The teacher ( who is a pro superhero ) tells you to run. You and the 3 other students…

The 3 others hesitate but then run to the door and so do I!
All of us instantly make a dash for it.
I run after the other students and look at my teacher before exiting the classroom.

In the hallway, with the other 3 you run into 5 man…

To be continued…
To be continued…
To be continued…
To be continued…

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Power Academy : Test Trivia

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