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Life as a super hero ( look in description)

Life as a super hero ( look in description)

You have no super powers by the way but don’t worry you’ll make it!

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You May Get Result Of Life as a super hero ( look in description)

You got beat up pretty bad. You had cuts and bruises all over you but in the end your brain found a way to beat the 2 guys and you won!
There were a lot of close calls and a few minor injuries/ hits but you kicked there butts right back! So you tried and that’s all that matters :)
You didn’t want to hurt them but you wanted to live so you dodged them and sometimes tried to reason with them! But they wouldn’t come to their senses. So they got absolutely demolished by you!
You didn’t hold back!! You punched and kicked and used the skills and smarts you had to DRAGGG THEMMMMM!! Wonder what happens next..

Quiz Questions And Answers

You are so lonely when you at home! So you decide to get a pet. What pet is it? ( also btw in this roleplay you are a trained acrobat and fighter )


After getting a pet you decide to do something fun! What do you decide to do?

Go to an amusement park!
A roller derby!
A skate park!
The beach

Wherever you choose to be, you end up needing to go to the restroom. On the way to the restroom you see someone getting beaten up! What do you do?

I’d stare in surprise for a bit but then walk slowly towards the people.
I’d go over there and try to get the man out of the bullies reach.
I’d push one of them off and help the man up looking at the other two.

The people grab you and blindfold you. You feel yourself being tossed onto a cold floor. What’s the first thing you think?

Did I just get kidnapped?
Where am I?
When I find those dudes I’m gonna wreck there sh- ( woah woah slow your roll! )
I’d think nothing. Just get up and take off the blindfold!

When you take off the blindfold the first thing you see is weapons and clothes. You decide to go for the clothes first, what do you choose to wear?

A zip up vest, skinny jeans, and sneakers.
A lounge cropped hoodie , shorts, fingerless gloves, and a lace- up faux suede boots! ( search it up)
T-shirt, legging and vans. (Simple but cute!)

Next you see some weapons! What weapon or weapons do you choose?

The katana! ( Dang ok… )
A long gold dagger!
A bat and a gun!
A knife and a taser.

Then you suddenly hear the door unlock, but no ones there. You run out hoping for freedom but then…

But then what!?!?
What’s going on??
It can’t be that easy can it?
You’ve got to be kidding me..

You end up in a cage with 2 man and people around you cheering!

Well ok then..
Oh they really want to fight me?? Let’s go then!
Come at me bro, I’ll knock you out the atmosphere!

(Almost done ) if you chose katana

I slice at them! Cutting them and cutting off some of their body parts!
I hold it up and stand my guard.. I don’t wanna have to hurt anyone but I will if I have to!
I’m not ready for this!
I just dodge them and swing at them! Boom problem solved. ( How are you so chill about this… )
Didn’t choose this.

If you chose a long golden dagger.

I slyly sneak near them and cut them in some places until they give up!
I quickly run at them and slash at there gut or neck, killing them instantly! ( imma go call 911… )
I dodge them by running or doing acrobatics! I’ll tire them out Bc I don’t wanna hurt anyone :)
I don’t know what I’d do? I guess a mix of all of the above?
Didn’t choose this.

Bat and a knife!

I take out the bat and swing at them and use my combat trying to beat them!
I use my training in aim to shoot them! And if I run out of bullets just throw the gun at one of them and use the bat!
I do a mix of the above.
Didn’t choose this!

Knife and taser.

I try and slash at them and if they get to close I use the taser on them!
I STAB AND SHOCK THEM!!! ( What is up with you people these days? )
Ummm… I guess.. I taser them then use the time I have to stab them and knock them out?
Didn’t choose this!

THE END OF THE QUIZ BYE!! A part 2 will come out soon!

Ok bye!
The quiz was good! ( thank you :3 )
The quiz was awful I hate it! ( I understand why you would say that but why’d you finish the quiz then? )
…. ( quiet one huh? Ok that’s fine! You do you boo :3 )

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Life as a super hero ( look in description) : Test Trivia

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