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Would you be part of the golden trio?

Would you be part of the golden trio?

This is what I think, pls don\'t take to seriously. So enjoy 😁

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Quiz Questions And Answers

A. Gryffindor
B. Slytherin
C. Hufflepuff
D. Ravenclaw
A. Ron Weasley
B. Harry Potter
C. Hermione Granger
A. Hippogriff
B. Hedwig
C. Mermaid
D. Troll
A. Listen to music
B. Sports/hang with friends
C.Read a book in the library alone
D. Be with family at home
A. 8-15
B. 16-23
C. 24-31
D. 32-38+
E. Wouldn't like to answer
A. He is a spoiled rich brat
B. He was just misunderstood and pressured by family
C. I Love him even if he is a bit mean
D. Neutral

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Would you be part of the golden trio? : Test Trivia

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