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Are you sassy?

Are you sassy?

Another quiz for you guys :) I’m just bored and I’m still a noob so don’t come at me for any thing you don’t like in this quiz please.

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You May Get Result Of Are you sassy?

You are either too timid or not sassy just you have anger issues. But either way you still have that inner diva in you I know it!
If you really needed to, you would let it out! It’s just really hard for you to do so. So don’t be afraid to let it out ok?
Your sassy as who knows what! You stand up for what you believe in and you can pop off while doing it too!
You are sassy as heck, and you always will be! You have that sparkle in you that tells people you are not the one to mess with! You are not having it today! Let them hear you ROAR!!

Quiz Questions And Answers

What would you do if you say someone being bullied?

I’m too scared and I wouldn’t know what to say.. sorry your on your own..
I would help them when the bullies walk away. Sorry dude but I’m not about that life!
I would come over to the bullies and tell them to back off and other things that would make them walk away.

If you found out someone was taking advantage of you what would you say?

“I can’t believe you would do that to me! You are so heartless!”
“Your not even worth my time anyways! Not like I needed you.”
I wouldn’t say anything.. I want friends even if they are fake.

If your friend texts you and says someone had been being mean to her you..?

I make her feel better and comfort her.
I’d call up the girls and bully the bullies back!
I’d do fun things with her and when she’s not with me I confront the bullies along with some other friends!

You are going out to lunch with your friends, what do you wear? ( by the way it doesn’t matter what you pick, don’t mind the “wrong answer” thing )

I wear a graphic t-shirt and a Jean jacket with some shorts and red sneakers.
A over sized t shirt with some ripped jeans and black Vans.
A cute dress ( floral print or a pastel color ) and any color jelly shoes!
An off the shoulder blouse with a skirt and some sort of heels.

Accessories? ( again don’t mind the wrong answer thing )

Maybe some shades on top of the head/ wearing them.
A purse.
Some type of jewelry.
A hat.

Hair style?

Out and wavy!
Out and straight!
In a ponytail or bun!
A side braid.

Someone spills coffee on you ON PURPOSE!! What do you do?

I tell them off! They can’t just do that! That’s rude.
I smack them straight across the face and pour some cold water in there pants!
I just glare at them using only my devilish stares to scare them off.
I just quickly grab tissue to clean it up…

You end up in the principals office because you punched someone in the face. Why did you punch them?

I didn’t punch them. I wouldn’t be in the principal’s office for that.
They said I was ugly!
I just tried to renegade and then were in my way! That’s there fault not mine. Wtach where your walking next time.
I punched someone!?!! Welp… wHoOpSy

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Are you sassy? : Test Trivia

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