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Would we be friends?

Would we be friends?

I don’t know what I’m doing.. this is my first quiz!

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You May Get Result Of Would we be friends?

I see you in the halls at school and I just glare at you! ( this is just a quiz don’t be offended )
I don’t really know much about you so I can’t say anything about you.
We are good friends! We chat at school a lot and wave If we see eachother outside of school.
We always talk to eachother and have sleepovers and shopping sessions all the time!

Quiz Questions And Answers

Favorite color?

I don’t know all?
Red or yellow

What do you think of the ocean?

It’s scary.. I don’t like it.
It’s mysterious. I want to know more about it!
I hate it! It’s disgusting and full of a bunch of creatures ( you choose this… I have no words.. )
I love it! At times it can be scary but it makes me feel like a mermaid/ merman or something!

What do you think of Stranger Things?

Never watched it but I’ve heard of it.
Stranger what?
I hate it.

Last question, what would you want to dye your hair color to out of these choices?

Can I not dye my hair?
Already dyed.

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Would we be friends? : Test Trivia

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