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What do you know about UN?

The United Nations Organization is an international organization founded in 1945 working to maintain world peace and create a developed world.Here you will be able to test your knowledge about this world famous organisation.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

New Delhi, India
New York, USA
Paris, France
António Guterres
Nelson Mandela
Barak Obama
Trygve Lie, Norway
Kofi Anan, Ghana
Nelson Mandela, SA
Trusteeship council
Security Council
International Love Organisation
International Labour Organisation
Internal labor Organisation
Paris, France
Pune, India
New York, USA
Super Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals
Super Destruction Gadgets
UN Secretariat
UN General Assembly
The Hague, Netherlands
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Alaska, US
Secretery Genral
US President
US Secretery Of State

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What do you know about UN? : Test Trivia

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