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What Kind of Demigod are You? Quiz

So, that's what this is about. Who is YOUR godly parent? Is is Poseidon, like Percy? Or perhaps wise Athena, or all-powerful Zeus? Take this quiz to find out! Also, and try to answer honestly. Don't just try to be a son of Poseidon because you love Percy or whatever. Good luck!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Under 18
Sword and shield
Sword and knife
Spear and shield
Trident and shield
Strong, swift, fierce, fearless
Agile, flexible, speed, dodgy
Strength, straight-forward, head-on, direct
Fierce, cunning, strength & speed mixed together
Fierce, cunning, powerful, leader
Enigmatic, powerful, loner, complex
Direct, straight-forward, clear-cut
Funny, bubbly, humourous, compassionate
Steel: unbreakable, powerful, fierce
Iron: unmoveable, ambitious, ruthless
Platinum: star of the show, bright, powerful
Leader, though I occassionally switch off
Leader, through and through!
Second in command...?
Leave me, go get the leader NOW!
Pleeease! Help meee!! I'll die if you don't!!
Keep fighting the giant and hope that you'll survive without your friend.
"I hope you'll all see sense one day..."
"This is wrong. I pray that someday you'll all see truth."
Pff, nothing! You're already gone, having escaped prison hours before.
"Goodbye [insert name of boyfriend/girlfriend here]!!"
"Do I look like a liar to you?"
Blame it on someone else, even though it was you.
"Screw it, it wasn't ME!"
"Fine. It was me." Even though it wasn't.
Your best friend.
Your boyfriend/girlfriend.
That shifty kid in the corner.
That lazy commander who never shows up for meetings on time.
*is furious* I TRUSTED YOU!!
Why? Why did you turn against me?
Why would you? Where did we go wrong?
*sob* I can't*bursts out crying*
Pfft! Yeah right! Nice try, like I'm believing that!
Of course they did. You do realize that the enemy is full of nasty, scandalous, lying people, right?
*sob* All is forgiven!!
I still can't trust you. Not after this.

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What Kind of Demigod are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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