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Am I an Introvert, Ambivert, or Extrovert? Quiz

How do you react with your surroundings? Do you have an introverted personality or extroverted one, or somewhere in between? Let's find out! So play the Am I an Introvert, Ambivert, or Extrovert? Quizand get your result.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Standing in a corner and enjoying your drink and snacks
At the center of the room, being in the focus of a group conversation
Chatting with a few friends and sticking with them throughout the night
Highly disagree, I don't like making small talks with strangers
I can do it if all my other friends are more shy than I am
Highly agree, I love meeting new people
Going to a busy city like Tokyo or New York
Camping trip with my friends
A relaxing getaway at the beach
I feel embarrassed and I will never tell a joke again.
I'll repeat it to my friends later on.
I'll say it again in a louder voice until I get noticed.
Go to the movies with one or two friends.
All snuggled in bed with a good book, music and a hot beverage.
Partying at a night club.
Please, no!
I like a little bit of attention..
Yep, I enjoy being the center of attention.
I try to listen and wait until my friend has finished talking.
I would find a way to slow my friend down, give a quick comment, and move away.
I would cut my friend off and tell that person that I am busy.
I have a few different circle of friends.
There are 2 or 3 people that I consider very close to me.
I am a very connected person, I have a lot of friends.
At one of the canteen tables where my group of friends are
At the yard enjoying the weather with a few of my friends
In front of the library with a friend, and going inside once my food is finished
Get up on stage and sing a few songs, of course!
Hang out at a table watching people sing their hearts out and having a laugh
At a corner table playing my phone and wishing I was at home instead
By throwing a massive birthday party of course!
Maybe have a birthday dinner with a small group of people
I don't really like to celebrate birthdays
Reading a novel/comic book
Taking a dance class or photography class
Trying speed dating
Play video games

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Am I an Introvert, Ambivert, or Extrovert? Quiz : Test Trivia

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