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Quiz: How Cliche is your Fantasy Story?

A fantasy story is something which shouldn't be taken for granted but instead for originality. This quiz is "DESTINED" to "ASSIST YOUR QUEST" of writing a full scale, original Fantasy story.
Who doesn’t not love the Fantasy Stories? We all have some fantasy world in our minds which our mind has created. This quiz will reveal that how much your fantasy story is cliché according to the content of your imagination. This quiz will help you to assist in writing your own fantasy story in its rightful manner. Unlike many genres, the fantasy is beyond any limits. First thing in writing a unique and fun fantasy story is that it should not seems to be inspired from any other story. The reader of fantasy genre is very well versed with diverse stories now. If they don’t feel connected with you story, they will immediately drop it and forget about it. When you say a fantasy world, then there is always some protagonist and antagonists. The characters building is the essential factor in making any fantasy story grasping. When you write a fiction story, then it must be in your mind that it is not related to reality and it can possess some natural power that no one has ever seen. However, to add some fun in it, you must find some flaws in protagonist so that antagonist have some plus factor. The slight taste of romance can be given for the potential audience but not much that I deviates from its original genre. So, are you excited to know that how much cliché is your fantasy story is? Answer some fun questions of this quiz and find out whether you have to improve it or not.
Cliche is one of the most annoying diseases of writing, I hope this quiz will help you make your story an or

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Quiz Questions And Answers

He is destined to
A grandfather or something told him to
Royalty or nobility
A usual woman
Someone immortal
A dark lord
Physcopath murderer
The character's relative
Under 12 months
1-3 years
3-10 years
10-15 years
Half something (hobbits included)
Yes, one over a 100 years old
Yes, one over a 100 years old who is athletically strong
No, the mentor is young
Yes, to destroy the villain
No, I am historically educated ^_^
Yes, but let's just say that 'Cogton' was once a farm.
To save the heroes in a sacrificial method.
A cliff breaks beneath his feet
A betrayer kills him
Doesn't die
Yes, they don't know how to fight
No, they are the strongest/smartest race
Yes, but he shows it once
No, he's beautiful

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Quiz: How Cliche is your Fantasy Story? : Test Trivia

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