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How Much do You Like Unicorns?

Obsessed with unicorns? Who could blame you, they are legit the most majestic fairy tale creatures ever. But how well do you really know about them? Take this quiz to find out if you are worthy to hold the title of "President of the Unicorn Fan Club."

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Super strength
Healing powers
Divining truth
Heal horn
Ice creams and rainbows, of course!
They absorb sunshine, obviously.
Daisies and sunflowers.
Naughty children, yikes!
Ancient Egypt.
Ancient Greek.
Ancient Rome.
Ancient Aztec.
June 7
March 11
February 15
April 9
Sh'i lin
Ai ni
Ch'i lin
Ni hao
Gentle maidens.
Brave knights.
Dying peasants.
Members of the Royal Family.
Strength and bravery.
Intelligence and wit.
Elegance and royalty.
Love and chastity.
Is this a trick question?

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How Much do You Like Unicorns? : Test Trivia

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