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Which Beatle Would Fall For You? Quiz | Marry You

Have you ever wanted to know which Beatle would fall in Love with you? Well prepare for your heart to skip a beat girls! This is the First Beatle Love quiz! Take the quiz and find out which Beatle is your Lover!
Play this quiz Which Beatle Would Fall For You? Quiz Or you can say which which beatle would marry you quiz The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. With a line-up comprising John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, they are regarded as the most influential band of all time.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Under 18
John! OMG I love his freakin' voice. And his wicked sense of humor!! He's so HOT!
PAUL! PAUL! PAUL! KYAA~! He's sooo damn cute! I just love his marshmallow cheeks! Paulie-chan!
George! uwah! He's SO sweet! And Quiet too! Plus, the teeth remind me of edward cullen!! ;D
Riiiinnggo! *Squeal* He's funny and Mr.Happy-go-lucky! Tee-hee!!
Sweet guys. Guys who are a true sweetheart .
I like the smart intelligent ones
I dig men for the LOOKS, THE LOOKS!! (Me:Err...looks only matter to a certain degree..)
I like Funny guys who are always acting silly
I am the Walrus/Strawberry Fields
I Need You/While my Guitar Gently Weeps
Yellow Submarine/Octopus's Garden
Green, It's a very nice color!
Red, it's the color of love to me!
Purple, it's a royal color!
Blue!, it's so happy and bouncy!!
At a fancy restaurant with a candle-lit dinner.(Me:oooh! fancy!)
ooh, at the beach maybe, we can collect seashells and play in the waves!
We would take a stroll in the park.
He would take me to a club/dance and we would PARTY all night long!!
Smart and Witty
When he first saw me standing there
It was my personality..
It was the charms, my dear
I impressed him with a lot of things
Fiery and lustful at each other like a bunch of wildcats!!
Soft and lingering
Hard,passionate,intimate, holding each other (Me:*__* *dies of nosebleed*)
just a small peck on the lips
Byee Beatlees!!! I love you Johnny-kun!!
See u beatlezz!! luv ya Rings!! Imma invite you to my birthday party!
I wish I could be on one of your concerts :(
Rock n roll
Heavy metal
Bon Jovi
Guns n roses
I'm obviouly at the piano, the one who started the "interesting" thing
ha, I'm at a table just cracking on the jokes and talking to everyone I can!
Causually talking to a few people at once, and then moving on to another group of people.
Probably flirting, I mean come on! If not that, eating..or just monkeying around.
"Let's go to that lake nearby and just...hang out."
"Who here can play the guitar?"
"We should go walk around and see if we find someone we know."
"What's something really different? Whatever it is, we should do that!"

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