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GCSE Bitesize - Geography quiz | Geographical information systerm

GCSE Bitesize - Geography quiz | Geographical information systerm

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system that analyzes and displays geographically referenced information. It uses data that is attached to a unique location.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The area of a parish
The population of a village
The services available in a town
The names and addresses of all the vicars in Cambridgeshire
a rich text file
a cupboard
a database
a cardboard box
analysing geographical information
capturing geographical information
displaying geographical information
All of the above
To save having to have somewhere to keep an atlas
It takes up more room
It is easier to add more data to maps
The pages of the atlas could get accidentally ripped and lost
relationships between data sets
patterns in data sets
trends in data sets
All of the above
Construction and urban design
Navigating using a map and compass
Crime and surveillance
GPS mapping
Using a pencil
As a single image
As a series of layers
As numbers
It is faster than traditional analysis methods
It does not work during a power cut
It can include a lot of data on one map
It improves communication

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GCSE Bitesize - Geography quiz | Geographical information systerm : Test Trivia

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