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What If you woke up as a girl | if you turned into a girl Quiz

This is a quiz to see how you would react if tomorrow morning you woke up as a girl. It tests to see if you're more girly, tomboy, in between or definite guy.
As the title suggest that this quiz is surely for Males. Have you ever imagined yourself as a Girl? Have you ever wished that you were girl for a day or for a life? Wouldn't it be a fun to know what you'd be like if you woke up a girl? Imagine, on one normal day, you wake up and feel something different about your body. With mixed and confused emotions you just walk to the mirror and find out that you have turned into a girl. Would you scream?? Or would you be happy?? Whatever the feeling, it is sure that you would be shocked. After catching breath and conscience, you would surely want to explore this side of yours. Wouldn’t it be a chance to know what it’s like to be a girl? As a Man, you must have some opinion about the girl’s life and their daily routines and now you are here to experience it firsthand by yourself. Would you be comfortable wearing girl’s dress and do makeup. Whatever you do, it would be hell of a fun to live a new life. You would feel that you are reborn. Would you want it to be permanent or one day is enough for you to find out. Would you pray while sleeping to be a man when you wake up? Now quickly jump on the wagon wheel of this quiz to find out that if you wake up as girl, what would you do and how would you feel.
Play if you turned into a girl quiz for fun this is best fun quiz. One day in school a load of girls start calling you disgusting, icky, sick and vile. That night you wish you were a girl like them. The next

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Under 18
I love this
i like it.
ok, this is weird but it's ok... If it's only temporary.
i don't like this!
A cute dress and heels.
a top and skirt
t shirt and skinny jeans
butch guy clothes
Face, lips, eyes, everything.
just eyes and lips, maybe some blush.
Just lips
Walk up their and become one of them
talk to them about who you used to be.
say nothing to them, let them talk
be nice to them
more clothes, makeup, shoes and some jewellery and after get your nails done.
some clothes and then food court.
eh maybe just follow them and watch what they do, maybe get some stuff
i go to the arcade, if they want to go fine, but I'm not doing any girly stuff!
explain to her and then be her best friend!
let her know your her boyfriend and take things from their
dont tell her but be friendly.
tell her and ask her if she still wants to go out.
"yeah sure, I still like you but we're not dating anymore right?"
"Wow...... This is weird but we can be friends.
"why didn't you just tell me,many way that's fine,mom glad your not all that girly though.
"ummmmmm.... We're still dating but no sex untied your a guy again!"
I put them on straight away and thank them so much!
I try them out and be grateful
I say thanks but don't wear them.
i tell them I HATE HEELS!
YES! I loved this whole experience and want this to be permanent!
i say maybe another week but not to long
well... Maybe one more day.
NO!!!! Please change me back, please!
A guy
A girl
I'm not sure anymore lol

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What If you woke up as a girl | if you turned into a girl Quiz : Test Trivia

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