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Which old School Power Ranger Are You? Quiz

There are many people in this world who watched the power rangers as kids hopefully this quiz will be fun and remind you of your childhood. This test is just pretend you can really be a power ranger like Am but its always fun to pretend. But are you smart, or capibly enough to be the power range of. So play this quiz Which old school power ranger are you? and find out your power ranger. This quiz have all questions related to the power ranger.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Under 18
No! I can handle myself
Maybe like five fights out of 8
Yes but only when theres no way out
Yes I am very strong I think
well Im a girl so I don't know about anything
Well with the help of my friends of course.
I am in a glass thing Ill send the power rangers
Green ranger
Pink ranger
Blue ranger
Red ranger
I would just laugh
Get angry but keep it to myself
I would blow up and beat them sinceless
I would send one of the power rangers to handle them
"Welcome to my nightmare"
"Kiss and make up"
"Have a nice trip see you next fall"
No never
Well I thought about it.
That was one time and I didn't mean too
Maybe once or twice
I would be the one to sacrifice myself!
I would give up my powers
I would try and find another way.
I would cry.
Yes if promised to never do it again
I don't really know about that
I would forgive but not forget
I would hold a grudge
Kill Rita
Stab her then run
Sacrifice my self for Kimberly
Steal kimberly while no ones looking
Don't go Kimberly
Please go Kimberly do what it is you love.
Let me come too
We can just replace her

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Which old School Power Ranger Are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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