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Road to Revolutions - Quiz test

According to the Proclamation of 1763: Colonial militiamen were required to put down Pontiac’s Rebellion. Colonial paper money could not be printed Contact between colonials and Native Americans was strictly forbidden. Settlers were prohibited from crossing the Appalachians

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The closing of Boston harbor.
Making the Massachusetts council and judiciary appointive.
New taxes on glass, tea, lead, and paper.
Allowing trials of accused colonial officials to be moved to England.
Economic interdependence
The consent of the governed
Parliamentary supremacy
Workers and manufactured goods
Naval bases
Raw materials and markets
Military recruits
King George's birthday
The partial repeal of the Townshend Acts
Winning the French and Indian War
John Adams' election as mayor of Boston
Stamp Act
Tea Act
Sugar Act
Intolerable Acts
King George lowered the value of American curreny
Colonists were forced to house British troops
England shut many of the colonies harbors down
The British Parliament imposed new taxes on the colonists
Townshend Act
Sugar Act
Stamp Act
Quartering Act

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Road to Revolutions - Quiz test : Test Trivia

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