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First Americans Quiz - Test, Mock test

When it comes to identifying the original settlers in America most people tend to be confused on their traditions and the quiz below is designed to help them see just how much you know about them. Do give it a try and get to find out some more about them.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Tribal warfare
The Northwest Passage
The Middle Passage
Nature and environment
Native Americans traveled by boat across the Atlantic Ocean.
Native Americans traveled over a land bridged that once connected Asia and North America.
European explorers brought Native Americans to North America.
Native Americas have always inhabited the Western Hemisphere.
Migrated from place to place in search of food and resources
Did not have a spoken language
Created permanent settlements
Did not eat meat
The ability to make durable weapons
The ability to make fire
Learning the skills necessary to farm
Developing a written language

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First Americans Quiz - Test, Mock test : Test Trivia

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