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What's your love language? Quiz

To feel really loved, some people are more sensitive to gifts and actions, some to physical touch, others to time spent together while some respond to encouraging words. So what’s your language of love? Take the test and find out. Play the best What's your love language? Quiz

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Quiz Questions And Answers

‘It’s true, it’s so important to say what we appreciate in other people’
‘Words aren’t my strong point, I prefer just spending time alone together’
‘Okay, as long as it’s followed up by an invitation to go out or a gift’
‘Sure, if it comes with a cuddle or a kiss’
Say, ‘I know it’s hard and I admire your courage’
Come home early to spend a cosy evening with you
Offer you a surprise weekend of relaxation
Take you in their arms and make you forget it all
Criticises what you do
Is always thinking about their work or material things (shopping, housework, computer etc.)
Never gives you any presents
Doesn’t kiss you when entering or leaving the house
‘Leave it, you’ve done enough. I’ll go and buy it’
‘Let’s go together and how about if I buy you lunch while we’re out?’
‘Why don’t you pop round that shop that you’ve been talking about while you’re there’
‘It’s not really important. Come and relax with me for a few minutes’
Appreciate the fact that they took the time to discuss it with you
Invite some of your friends round for pizza and television
Order in a nice meal to compensate for their absence
Take that long hot bath you’ve been dreaming about
Support you and give you a boost of confidence
Listen to you at length, without interruption and then comfort you
Let the telephone ring so they can keep listening to you
Listen to you while tenderly holding your hand
Brags all about you to their friends and colleagues
Comes to pick you up from the office to take you out for dinner
Offers to take you away for the weekend, just the two of you
Greets you with a passionate kiss that begins a memorable evening
Compliment their style or behaviour
Take some time out to spend together
Organise something to do as a couple that they would enjoy
Cuddle and spoil them
You send them an erotic email or text
You secretly organise a huge surprise party with all their friends
When you’re out shopping, you make a note of all the things that they like
You buy some essential oils, ready to offer them a surprise massage on the day
Warmly congratulate you
Free up their agenda and spend some time with you
Pull you into their arms and cover you with kisses
Finally take you to that restaurant that they’ve talked so much about
They all wrote really nice words for you on a card
They all arrived early at work and gave you a big surprise
They offered you a framed photo of them all with a very funny inscription
They all came to congratulate you, even the boss
Climbed on the tabled at a restaurant and proclaimed their love for you
Surprised you with a night in a magnificent castle
Came to your workplace, barged into your office and passionately kissed you
Offered you your first parachute jump out of an airplane
A multi-coloured noticeboard to leave sweet words to each other
A decorative item that you will personalise yourself for them
A beautiful lamp that you recently heard them talking about
A designer beanbag that they can both snuggle into together
Said sweet and loving words to you
Had a moment to spend with you
Given you a little gift
Touched you lovingly
A heart-shaped mouth
Two silhouettes holding each other’s shoulders
A heart-shaped gift with a beautiful ribbon around it
Two intertwined hands

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