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What Social Class Are You? Quiz

In the world today there are different social classes that people identify with based on their income or those of where they are from. One can either be identified as rich, upper middle class, middle class or just a commoner. Would you like to know which social class do you belong? Simply take this

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Dark colors
Still searching for one.
Yeah and it is a stable job.
I have a very nice career.
Nope but I am already wealthy.
Yes. It is normal here.
Nope. Too impractical.
I have some few.
Never ever will I have one.
As long as I am starving.
I am on a diet.
I guess 3 times a day.
Just twice a day.
Yes because it is more convenient.
It is seldom to happen.
Sometimes when I am too busy.
I work as delivery man.
Let me check them first.
If I know then very well.
No way! They are all creeps.
No doubt yes.
Wine because it is more medicinal.
I want beer because it is more tasty.
Any of the two.
I don't drink alcoholic drink.
Yes of course.
No because they were the one who had made their fate like that.
Depends on their story.
Everybody should have a chance.
With my parents
I own a house
I rent a house
I own couple of houses
Of course I have.
I don't have
I have but forgotten about it.
I have like 3 accounts on different banks.
I don't go out
Once a week
Twice a week

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What Social Class Are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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