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How well do you truly know The MCU?

How well do you truly know The MCU?

In this quiz, I will test your skills as an MCU fan.

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You May Get Result Of How well do you truly know The MCU?

Uh oh, you should probably watch the movies and shows first before doing the quiz....
You haven't seen The MCU in a long time, so your Knowledge is pretty slim.
You are pretty knowledgable. A good rewatch of The MCU would make you a full fan.
It seems that you know exactly what to say when someone questions you about Marvel.

Quiz Questions And Answers

When did The Tesseract first appear chronologically on screen in The MCU.

Iron Man 2
Captain Marvel
Captain America: The First Avenger

Who saves Steve Rogers from The Bully in Captain America: The First Avenger?

Dum Dum Doogan
Bucky Barnes
Jon Diaz

Which one of these Avengers was on Cap's team in Captain America: Civil War?

Black Widow
Wanda Maximoff

Which of these films is Howard Stark in a flashback?

Iron Man
Captain America: The Winter Soldier

"Part of the journey is the end" Is said by which MCU character?

Bruce Banner
Tony Stark
Steve Rogers

Who is Tony Stark's Daughter?

Morgan Stark
Mera Stark
Molly Stark

How many Marvel Studios movies have the Iconic Logo's?

What Iconic Logo...?

Which comes first Chronologically?

Thor (2011)
The Incredible Hulk (2009)
Iron Man 2
They all take place at the same time

Where is Westview?

New York
New Jersey
New Orleans
What type of question is this?

And finally, who is the founder of The Avengers?

Tony Stark
Phil Coulson
Nick Fury

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How well do you truly know The MCU? : Test Trivia

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