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Conservation Biology - The study of prevention | Quiz test

Conservation Biology - The study of prevention | Quiz test

The aim of protecting species, their habitats and ecosystems from excessive rates of extinction and erosion. Take the quiz and learn more on conservation of the environment and those in it.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Have high rates of extinction.
Lack of species and need to be colonized.
Have many more species than formerly thought.
Are replacing native species with exotic species.
It originated as a volcanic island
It has lost nearly all of its native species to extinction
It contains a high concentration of unique species
It has resisted habitat destruction that has caused extinctions elsewhere
Increased deforestation results in a loss of biological diversity
Temperate forests have more biological diversity than the tropical rain forests
Very few of the biological species have been studied
The myriad of plants and animals that live in tropical rain forests may benefit human beings
Carbon dioxide
Due to increased sunlight in recent years
Caused by increased plant life and photosynthesis
A natural phenomenon due to absorption of sunlight and re-radiating of the heat
A manmade hazard due to decreased levels of carbon dioxide and ozone in the atmosphere in recent years
Colonization when new settlers arrive in an area.
Accidental transport by ship or plane without anyone's knowledge.
Agricultural and horticultural activities.
All of the above are correct

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Conservation Biology - The study of prevention | Quiz test : Test Trivia

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