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Who Are You In Your Friend Group?

Who Are You In Your Friend Group?

Whether your group of friends is small. Large or somewhere in between. Every person has got his status in the group may be purposely or not. Your status might be healthy for you or not. Find out in the quiz where do you stand in your group.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

I am known a few of them in my group.
I am close to everyone in the group.
I am extremely close to one person only.
Many good friends.
Most desirable group
Maybe one or two of them.
I do not think anyone does.
I do not care about this.
They all are friendly to me.
Maybe one or two does not like me.
I do not care much about them.
No, never.
For study sessions.
Yes, we had been
No, I do not like moving out.
Yes, sometimes we go outside.
Yes, we all go out there.
Depends on how close was he with me.
I will be upset, but at least we can see him still.
Feel sad and wonder why.
Will make sure to take at least one person on my side.
Would like to leave the group for some time.
Try and fix the issue accordingly.
I do not care about these things.
I will feel sad.
Feel horrible

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Who Are You In Your Friend Group? : Test Trivia

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