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Gadsden Purchase History Quiz

How do you know about the Gadsden Purchase History?

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Quiz Questions And Answers

United States and China
France and England
United States and Mexico
3.000 square miles
29.670 square miles
12.000 square miles
10 million dollars
200.000 dollars
5 million dollars
John F. Kennedy
Franklin Pierce
Jimmy Carter
The first draft was signed on December 30, 1853 by James Gadsden.
The purchase also aimed to resolve other border issues.
The Gadsden Purchase is a 13.680 square-mile region.
15 million
2.5 million
50 million
U.S. minister to Mexico
Vice president
President of the U.S.
for farming
to build a railroad
to keep the slaves
February 5, 1765
December 30, 1853
June 26, 1846
February 2, 1848
December 30, 1853
August 4, 1858

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Gadsden Purchase History Quiz : Test Trivia

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